GO WEST™ welcomes the world! Registration is open to anyone, from anywhere, working in or providing services to the meeting and events industry. 

The following conference registration fees will connect you to over 500 event professionals and provide you with our full event experience. This includes access to THE MAIN STAGE™, THE SOCIAL EVENT™, THE EXPERIENTIAL HALL™ and THE CLOSING RITUAL™.

REGULAR RATE  $950 CAD (approx. $725 USD)**
This rate is available to everyone. Exhibitors registering for the conference will receive a $450 discount.  

SMALL BUSINESS RATE $400 CAD (approx. $302 USD)**
Available to small businesses (5 or less full-time employees) serving the events industry. You are not eligible for this rate if you work for a hotel, venue, or DMO.

PLANNER RATE $400 CAD (approx. $302 USD)**
Available to planners as defined below. Planners employed by suppliers are only eligible for this rate if your business is exhibiting or sponsoring GO WEST 2019, and you have obtained the approval of the GO WEST producers.

Available to planners as defined below. You are not eligible for this rate if you work for a hotel, venue, audio visual company, DMO, restaurant group, décor/rental company or other industry supplier (no exceptions).

** The above rates will increase based on demand.

Registration questions? Or not sure which rate applies to you? Contact us at or 780-444-3773.

Cancellation & Registration Terms

A planner is defined as an individual whose primary duties are to plan, manage or produce events and to secure the services of event industry suppliers and partners. Planners include independent/third-party planners, corporate planners, association/not-for-profit planners and academic planners.

All planner registrations will be audited and you will be contacted if you do not fall into GO WEST's definition of a planner. The GO WEST producers reserve the right to, and will determine who is and who is not a planner.

Be advised that non-exhibiting and non-sponsoring suppliers are prohibited from soliciting at GO WEST. Soliciting includes the distribution of marketing collateral anywhere on premise and booth solicitation on the trade show floor. Premise is defined as the Edmonton Convention Centre, The Westin Edmonton, Fairmont Hotel Macdonald and any venue utilized by GO WEST or our partners.

Any individual and their organization found to be in violation of this policy will be permanently restricted from participating in GO WEST in the future.